post workout pic of Shelby

Keeping it real using a “sweaty selfie” post-workout pic from a fitness challenge.

Hi, I’m Shelby and welcome to my site. No glamor shots here, no glamor period!  So what is this place about?

This site is all about Jesus: my faith in Him and its growth, my pursuit of fitness to honor the temple of His Holy Spirit, and the way marriages can be built up by trying to honor Jesus’ words and, even better, His examples that He gave us through His relationships with people.

Do you find yourself struggling with your faith?
Using food or exercise to cope with life and failing?
Have you been widowed or suffered other losses?
In a difficult marriage where you wonder what on earth you were thinking but here you are with vows to another and to God?

Been there. Done it all. God has carried me through my first husband’s very long illness, his death and being a widow, remarriage, wrecking my body and so much more. I get how stuck you can feel.

Let’s walk together. Better yet, let’s walk with God together. Honest and authentic.